Benefits of Driver Tracking

Investing in a GPS tracking system or a good fleet management system will allow you to choose the optimal and shortest routes for your consignments. This will help you reduce fuel consumption and unnecessary overtime costs. Intellects in the transportation business have realised how true the statement, “Time is money” is. There are occasions when your fleet gets stuck in traffic for several minutes. Reducing downtime holds the key to improving the productivity and profitability of a transportation company. With a proper fleet management system, your fleet managers will be able to guide the drivers to avoid the busy streets in real-time.


A good GPS tracking system will help you make informed decisions and schedule trips more efficiently, thus reducing the downtime of your vehicles. Also, GPS fleet tracking solutions allow you to monitor your vehicles and get detailed insights on fuel usage, driver behaviour, engine idling, etc. in real time. With the data obtained from a fleet management system, you can utilise your resources effectively and identify key money-saving areas.

There are special discounts provided by insurance companies on vehicles that are equipped with GPS tracking systems. Another great benefit of a GPS fleet management system is that you can reduce your premium amount by as much as 35%! By using a GPS tracking system you can get the most out of your transportation vehicles. Your fleet managers will be able to use the data and analysis obtained from the GPS tracking software to eliminate vehicle idle time, reduce over-speeding and decrease fuel consumption. A loyal and happy customer base is paramount to running a successful transportation business. Uncertainty is a strict “NO” in your transportation business. With the help of GPS tracking, your fleet will be able to respond to service calls quickly and reach your customers on time. Be more predictable by providing your customers with accurate delivery times, real-time tracking info and other minute details.


Now the headache of fleet managers in managing the drivers can be effectively managed by the GPS fleet management system. They can analyse the data and take corrective actions whenever necessary, as they can pull up data from the GPS tracking system at any given point if time. The GPS log data will allow you to analyse the routes taken by your drivers and you can allocate your budget accordingly with this data and you will be able to make a comprehensive profit and loss analysis. You can also identify routes that save both time and money with the help of GPS tracking data. There will be reduction in unproductive work and elimination of unnecessary fuel expenses by smart route planning. You can plan better with the help of GPS tracking systems. Whenever your fleet managers spot an idle vehicle, they will be able to assign tasks. In a way, there can be an increase in the number of trips per day as more trips will translate to more business.

With GPS fleet management systems, vehicle asset tracking is possible to help you locate your lost and stolen vehicles in no time. Nowadays, GPS tracking systems are equipped with advanced telematic features such as vehicle diagnostics, fuel level indicators, engine temperature indicator, etc. You can also monitor key aspects such as engine oil and the overall health of your vehicle saving you the time, money and efforts required to invest in taking your vehicles to a third party mechanic for a routine inspection. Rather, the data from the fleet management software system will help you ascertain when an inspection is really needed.

The driver tracking systems now come equipped with features that alarm you. The location of the driver, the status of the vehicle and their performance can be assessed easily via supply chain softwares, on any device of your choice at the convenience of your time.


Lastly, the rising fuel prices have been acting as a large impediment for the supply chain companies. The precise optimisation of routes cuts down on needless travel that in turn saves the expenditure the companies bear for buying fuels. Timely maintenance alerts for the trucks used ensures that the cargo vehicles keep giving great mileage. In order to lessen the time consumed for delivery and ensure that all products are readily available,artificial intelligence algorithms are put to use to automate warehousing processes that ensure time efficient inventory management.

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