Published on November 24, 2020 by Ganesh Kalal

How CargoFL is helping Transporters & Shippers go digital with their paperwork

Vijay Rawat is the logistics manager of a large manufacturing company here in Pune, they manage 30+ dispatches daily and their material is supplied to shopping malls across the country.

“ It’s very difficult to get hold of these transporters for PODs, they don't submit on time, sometimes they are torn and misplaced. We have been looking for a technology solution that can help us collaborate with transporters efficiently on delivery & POD collection, thanks to CargoFL for providing the same”, said Vijay Rawat to our team…

The collaboration between Shippers & transporters is an age old problem and it all starts with POD (Proof of Delivery) exchange, PODs are critical documents that indicate shipment completion for Shippers as it contains the seal and signature of the receiving party (Consignee).

Ramakrishna Yadav is the owner of a Transport Company based in Pune, they currently have 32 trucks with a volume of 100+ bookings per day and 7 People working there.

" With a conventional paper-based approach it was becoming very difficult to manage the entire data & we were often losing a vast amount of data. We were supposed to generate 100+ LRs and PODs each day, which is such a complex task, and even we need to keep an additional hard copy for future reference, which consumed more space. Hence, storage also became a significant problem” said Ramakrishna.

Ramakrishna started using CargoFL software, and since then, things have become easier for him. CargoFL is a technology that helps businesses manage their logistics and supply chain efficiently, for transporters, CargoFL is a transport management software(TMS), for shippers, CargoFL is a dispatch management software. With CargoFL, Ramakrishna’s team was able to create dispatch orders and upload digitally scanned POD’s against each order. These digital documents (POD’s) can now be shared with customers with a single click. Also the driver & vehicle documents i.e. Aadhar Card, Pan Card, License, Registration, Vehicle PUC etc could be uploaded in CargoFL and accessed via mobile at any point in time from anywhere.

Another transporter Jyoti Transport based in Navi Mumbai also uses CargoFL technology to digitize their supply chain.

“ The software is excellent and easy to learn. It saves our time & efforts. The operating staff is very responsive and helps us every time we face any issue. So, I recommend every transportation company to use CargoFL software” says Radhika Jaiswal, Operations Manager, Jyoti Transport, Navi Mumbai.

Printing is Expensive

The paper POD’s incur cost to transporters as those need to be printed on demand and sent to consigner locations, so they also get lost in transit very often.

“ Getting physical POD’s from drivers has always been a difficult task, they don't send the documents and misplace them in transit” adds Radhika.

The paper-based approach provides a lot of unnecessary manual work that needs to be done by specialized persons. These documents often get damaged, misplaced, lost, or stolen. Sometimes, an accidental fire or natural disaster can destroy all the paperwork stored at offices.

Customers today expect transporters to submit their POD’s (Proof of deliveries) on time, delays lead to more paperwork and payments getting held.

ePOD is real time & green, upload in bulk with CargoFL

“ Managing ePODs is very simple, scan & upload on a single click, the CargoFL QR-code and barcode scanner ensures the right POD is uploaded against the right dispatch order” adds Pradeeps from JTS Transport, Mumbai.

At JTS they scan about 4000+ POD’s a month and with CargoFL bulk upload feature, this process has been simplified saving both time and cost.

“ We use the CargoFL bulk POD upload feature to upload a folder full of POD’s and within minutes, all the PODs get scanned and uploaded against the right dispatch order via barcode scanning” adds Pradeep from JTS.

The CargoFL platform automatically reads the barcode & QR code, extracts order #, and then attaches the POD against that order# in the system. This way the POD uploading is automated and becomes more efficient.

Drivers can also upload POD

" The CargoFL driver app helps drivers upload POD’s real time, “it’s very simple and effective, we incentivize our drivers for uploading POD’s and that’s working like magic" says Radhika from Jyoti Transport Service.

The CargoFL app is built keeping blue collared drivers in mind, there are only a minimum number of action items for drivers. Uploading POD’s on time is one of the performance metrics for drivers in CargoFL helping transporters assess and incentivize drivers on performance.

No more Payment Delays

The instant, real-time update permits companies to quickly produce and process their invoices soon after the delivery happens. This will naturally result in faster payments that’s a major improvement for many companies who struggle with a protracted payment cycle.

Configurable alerts on POD’s

As POD’s get uploaded in the system either via the Driver or the Operations executive, real time alerts get generated via SMS & Email to all stakeholders, these can be configured for specific time of the day or specific set of people responsible for delivery. MIS is thus real time and event driven with all data elements plugged in.

“Going paperless has been the most sought out requirement from both transporters and shippers, keeping this in mind, at CargoFL we have developed a very simple, easy to use and intuitive feature where transporters can upload documents, tag them and shippers can easily retrieve them for processing, with this process our customers have increased their operational efficiency by 34%...”, says Deepesh Kuruppath, Founder & CEO CargoFL.

If you're curious about a delivery management solution with a well-advanced ePoD feature for your company, CargoFL is the right choice for you. With CargoFL, you'll build foremost, secure, timely, and cost-efficient deliveries with complete visibility and management. Get in contact with us to understand us in a better way. Book a free demo now at