Technological evolution proving to be an answer to more than just trucking dubiousness

We are almost at the halfway mark of 2021 and the most important feat, rather a necessity, is doing well in these testing times. Unlike various businesses and other sectors of profession, the cargo industry does not possibly have the liberty of working from home. Although most of the aspects of logistics can be worked out from within the four walls and with absolutely no human intervention, the traditional and old fashioned way of cargo is still being followed. One pragmatic logistics update in the latest financial budget saw the e-Way Bill and e-Invoice being made mandatory for organisations clocking revenue over 50 crores.

Better late than never, the MNCs and all the big players swaying in the pool of crores, will now be required to adopt the digital modes of billing. This small step towards digitisation in turn proves to be a major contributing factor in refining the nature. This not only means elimination of paper trails and their management but also inculcation of improved accessibility and transparency of every document. This is undoubtedly a massive boon for the trucking companies that have to deal with hundreds of bills from thousands of vendors on a daily basis. Taking these integral attributes fully digital means reducing a heck load of inputs and hard work required in the preparation, documentation and maintenance of all such bills.


With the kinds of technological advancements happening every other day, it is high time the logistics industry also adopted one. Switching from hard papercopy to online digital copy enables carriers to keep a real time track of every bill issued and lets them manage multiple bills simultaneously saving your time as well as efforts. One can electronically generate and process invoices in turn eliminating usage of physical resources and speeding up the process. One can also access invoices uploaded by vendors to review and approve or reject them in real time to enhance efficiency. Also, it is easily possible to store all of this data securely on the Cloud and can be accessed anytime in a single click. Acquiring the e-Way Billing and e-Invoicing in your existing system not only benefits the carriers but also lessens the headache of truckers as they can work with a reduced worry of carefully delivering the physical copy of the bill to its respective owner.

For decades, the trucking companies have been operating on a paper trail and longing for a system that reduces their unmerited workload and saves efforts so they can focus on things that are categorically more important. CargoFL brings you Trucker, a flabbergasting fusion of ERP & CRM systems that lets you do wonders without limitations. CargoFL Trucker is an all in one platform where you can manage bookings, accounting, invoicing and reporting functions of your entire trucking business. It is a transport management system that saves your time and energy by enabling you to pay on the go for only what you use. This technological AI engine is cloud based and completely automated as well, in turn, enhancing efficiency and progressively improving productivity of your company. Imagine the amount of other business opportunities you could take up by diverging time from these petite chores on a daily basis!


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