Cabinet, Corporate, CargoFL - The Trucking Trilogy

The past one and a half years have been a period of unpleasant episodes of unfortunate grievances for everyone personally as well as professionally due to the unbidden introduction of Covid 19 in our lives. Development of effective vaccines against the deadly virus seemed to be the only ray of hope in the recent past which slowly helped us get life back on track. With the businesses getting back in swing of things, the government released a bunch of new updates. Whether these modernised guidelines are boon to the businesses or curse and how well our not-so-tech-savvy bureaucrats adapt to them only time will tell.

A set of refurbished briefs were announced by the government of India with the commencement of the financial year 2021. The logistics industry saw the digital attributes of e-Way Bill and e-Invoicing being made mandatory for the big bulls associated with it earning 50 crores or more in revenue. In recent times, these two online practices have transformed the entire logistics scenario and are on their way to root out the traditional, old fashioned way of doing business. The revolution is long due and digitisation is the way to go. The conversion of printed media into digital form not only eases the process but also brings in a lot more transparency.


With the government’s move to shift regime from VAT system of Way Bill for movement of goods to e-Way Bill system, the industry professionals have been burdened with an additional toil of adapting to the new online system to upload the physical data. This succumbs the output of work and diverges their complete focus away from what they do best. But digitisation has proven to fasten up the speed of work and has facilitated even the smallest of the SMEs to venture into the major league. With the e-Way Bill Automationaspect, you are enabled to generate multiple bills, all in a single click. You can leverage the feature to produce several e-Way Bills by selecting various dispatches all at once and the computer system generates them, for part A and B as well, in no time. Another feature that is directly linked and is very similar to the e-Way Bill is the e-Invoice. More commonly known as Digital Invoice, e-Invoice helps with multiple work easing features to eliminate the headache of paperwork and offline invoices. It enables you to process all bills online by getting your vendors and transporters to submit bills digitally. You can easily approve or reject bills with a single click and view consolidated billing with a full fledged summary of all invoices. The adoption of such online systems that are artificially intelligent not only speed up the process and increase overall productivity but also contribute to the enrichment of our environment as the use of paper is completely eliminated.


The big firms generating high revenues are more suited to adopt such an economical and thrifty ecosystem. One such technological marvel is the CargoFL Transport Management System which comprises of e-Way Bill Automation and Digital Invoices along with several other life easing and work quickening features. CargoFL TMS is an AI driven suite of logistics technology products helping customers achieve digitisation of their logistics functions thereby resulting in significant productivity improvements, efficiency boosts and cost savings.

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