Factors to Focus on while buying a Fleet Management Software

It is amazing how unicorns like Amazon and Flipkart who process lakhs of deliveries every day manage their fleets effortlessly and efficiently. These companies are the perfect examples of how the power of fleet management systems can be leveraged to manage thousands of vehicles, drivers, and fleet-related information for maximum productivity and smooth functioning of the business.


Fleets arranged systematically and organised according to the course of dispatch

What is Fleet Management Software?

Every organisation which is dependent on vehicles for functioning, must monitor the operations and maintenance of its fleet to ensure that the assets are used to their full potential and the wastage is avoided, thereby increasing productivity. This process of managing the fleets to ensure maximum productivity and minimum wastage of resources is referred to as fleet management.

Fleet Management Software is a tool that helps the organisation in managing its fleets through a single platform, ensuring proper visibility of the daily fleet operations and boosting performance.

In smaller organisations with fewer number of vehicles, a fleet manager is responsible to overlook the management of the entire fleet. While it may seem like a few tabs and sheets might get the job done, this hectic process of manually recording fleet-related variables always involves probability of human errors, which can cost the organisation more than the cost of a fleet management software.


Easily manage all your fleets at your fingertips with a Fleet Management Software

Going Cheap on FMS is not an option

With increasing competition, businesses are expected to use assets and resources optimally to remain profitable. Tools like fleet management software provide strategic advantage so that businesses can stay ahead in the race.

As the demand for fleet management software is increasing, there is a rise in cheaper alternatives, promising similar results as that achieved by the big sharks in the game. While what they offer may look tempting and light on pockets but it will might certainly affect the businesses in the long run.

Factors to Focus on while buying

Buying a fleet management software is an investment that businesses should make to get an edge over their competition and boost their profitability. There are multiple factors that businesses must focus on while buying a fleet management software.

Vehicle Tracking: Vehicle Tracking is one of the major features that every business must look for while buying a fleet management software.

A few years ago, vehicle tracking was considered a luxury while now it is more of a necessity. It provides real-time data about the vehicles to the authority which makes it easier for them to take quick decisions in case of last-minute improvisations or vehicle breakdowns.

With vehicle tracking, it also gets easier to monitor trucker’s behavioural metrics which help enhance their performance and minimise wastage of resources, thereby saving precious delivery time and aiding in the overall efficiency.

Generating eWay Bills: If your business transports goods worth more than ₹50,000 then an eWay bill is mandatory for its transport. With the increasing number of shipments, the process of generating bills gets too tedious. Hence, businesses should opt for software that can generate multiple eWay bills with a single click.

Digital Vault, ePOD, and Generating e-Invoices: Transporting goods involve a lot of paperwork which consumes a huge amount of human effort and time. A good fleet management software eliminates the need for paperwork by digitising the whole process. Digitising the paperworkalso ensures faster information transfer thereby reducing further wait time.

ePOD and e-Invoices are digital equivalent of physical POD and Invoices respectively which make it easily accessible to everyone involved in consignment, making the process more seamless and efficient.

Features like digital vault make it easier to store vehicles, truckers, and operations-related documents on the cloud, making it easily retrievable whenever needed.

Route Optimisation: There is more to route optimisation than just finding the most fuel-efficient and fastest route. Route optimisation feature takes into consideration multiple factors such as the number of stops, delivery time window, and previous data to calculate the best possible route. While buying FMS, it is also important to ensure that the routes can be recalibrated in accordance to any real-time changes.

Fuel Management: Fuel usage directly influences the profitability of the transport. A good trucker alone can save up to 30% on fuel costs. With fuel management feature, trucker gets the best possible inputs from the algorithm after calculations and comparisons, thereby reducing the fuel cost and increasing the business profitability.

Fleet management software also consists of additional features like recording and managing vehicle related variables like changing spare parts, scheduling periodic maintenance, and many others.


Artificial intelligent management systems like that offered by CargoFL possess features that are specially tailored to suit your business needs

If you are looking for a fleet management software with all the aforementioned features CargoFL can prove to be the best choice for your business. CargoFL is an AI driven technological marvel helping businesses upgrade their fleet managing process by providing above features along with few more which are bound to boost the growth of your business by increasing its productivity, enhancing efficiency, and bettering performance.