How CargoFL Trucking Software Is Saving Tons of Time on Generating eWay Bills

Logistics industry has been centred around paper for decades. The introduction of eWay bills has not only reduced the logistics industry’s dependence on paper but also inculcated the factors of record and transparency which weren't prominent enough prior to this transformation.


CargoFL's eWay bill automation feature is a boon for truckers

What is an eWay Bill?

An eWay Bill is an authorised electronic document equivalent of a physical Way Bill which is mandatory for a GST registered business for movement of goods having a financial value of more than INR 50,000/-.

The eWay Bill contains details of consigner (sender), consignee (receiver) and the transporter.

Generating multiple eWay Bills is tedious and time consuming

The whole point of introducing an eWay Bill was to ensure transparency, ease of accessibility by all the involved entities, and making the process of transportation more seamless. With smaller organisations having fewer fleets and fewer number of goods transported, the impact of monotonous, repetitive tasks of generating bills is lesser as compared to bigger organisations with relatively higher number of transports.

What further adds to this is the risk of human error involved in preparation of bills due to manually entering of the consignment data. This factor is directly proportional to the number of transports; higher the number, higher is the risk. What might look like a small data entry mistake while creating a paper bill can turn into a huge penalty costing businesses in unimaginable numbers.

Benefits of using CargoFL Trucker for generating eWay Bills

Faster generation of eWay bills : CargoFL's feature helps logistics businesses generate eWay bills directly through dispatch information through automation thereby reducing the risk of human error involved in manual data entry

Making reconciliation of eWay Bill and LR easier : Reconciliation of eWay bill and LR is one of the important features which ease off a lot of workload making the workflow more smooth and seamless.

Generating both Part A and Part B of eWay bills : eWay bill includes two parts which are necessary for the commencement and completion of any consignment. Part A is generated by the supplier when he supplies the goods for transport while part B is generated with transporters details. With CargoFL, generating both part A and part B becomes easy due to the artificially intelligent automation.

Saves time and human efforts : Without a proper automation software, preparing a bill requires a good amount of time and human effort. This excess use of resources can be avoided by inculcation of automated software and saved resources can be leveraged for further growth of the organisation.

Maintaining record transparency : CargoFL's trucking software helps in increasing the transparency in regards to eWay Bills by providing easy accessibility for all the parties involved in the consignment.

Paperlessness : CargoFL helps logistics companies by digitising all the paperwork involved in logistics such as LR, POD, fleet related documents, consignment documents, etc. This helps logistics companies in eliminating slow information transfer caused due to physical bills and dockets.


eWay Bill automation is the need of the hour

In this competitive logistics space, businesses must ensure that all of their assets are leveraged optimally. Utilising human resources and time for processes that can be automated is what holds a business back from acing in the industry. It's important for businesses to invest in tools that can provide them an edge over the competition.

CargoFL Trucker software is an AI driven technological marvel helping the trucking industry with its exemplary features such as eWay bill automation, fuel management, route optimisation, and many others. Give us a call on +91 83290 83054 or mail us at to book a session. You can also visit our website to know more about all the features which will make your trucking experience more flawless.