Cargofl - Machine

Identify trends and growth patterns

  • Recognize and classify trends and patterns
  • Apply logistics operation rules
  • Easy interpretation of results

Detect automation opportunities

  • Identify trends that can be automated
  • Classify efficient and inefficient operation behaviors
  • Estimate ROI from automation and improve

Continuous Improvement

  • Capture and curate logistics data models
  • Train Models and test data
  • Improve cycles of training and prediction

Personalize Experience

  • With pattern recognition, identify personalization opportunities
  • Improve Customer Engagement
  • Tailored and Customized product execution for customers

Predictive Maintenance of Vehicles

  • Automated data collection via sensors and manual interface on vehicles
  • Assess failure processes that contribute to heavy maintenance of vehicles
  • Predict path of failure and early detection for better maintenance
predictive-maintenance-of vehicles

Workforce Efficiency Improvement

  • Forecast workload and plan efficiently
  • Identify customer behavior patterns and engage appropriately
  • Simplify User Experience via behavioral patterns