Cargofl - Marketplace

Wetted Vendor Partners

  • Verified Truckers & Shippers
  • Connect with a Single Click
  • Unlimited access to partner resources

On Demand Bookings / Trips

  • Get bookings/orders online/real time
  • Connect with party online and confirm
  • Hassle free bookings online in few clicks

Integrated Invoicing

  • Automated invoicing process
  • Print in Landscape/Portrait from PDF and Excel formats
  • Reconcile invoices with payments real time online

Notifications & Alerts

  • Configurable SMS & Email alerts on bookings & payments
  • Notification available via Mobile App
  • Relate and drill down to details with App Notifications

Dedicated Customer Service

  • On Call and Offline customer support
  • Ticketing based queries/issue resolution process
  • General & Dedicated customer support

Pay As You Go Model

  • Only pay per booking, no upfront or hidden costs
  • Get credits for usage
  • Discounted rates for pre-filled wallets

Analytics & Reporting

  • Plan and develop economically viable transport options
  • Engage with truckers for viable and affordable unit economics
  • Analyze and Improve logistics spending

Integration with Other Cargofl Products

  • Leverage resources from other Cargofl Products
  • Gain competitive advantage with Cargofl Suite of products
  • Single interface with visibility spanning as aspects of your logistics needs