Cargofl - One

Vendor Consolidation

  • Consolidate all your vendors at a single place
  • Manage vendor resources efficiently
  • Manage contracts in a simple and effective manner

Invoice Consolidation

  • Invoice life cycle management via a single interface
  • Track invoices efficiently from its inception to release
  • Go Green (Electronic) with reduced carbon footprint

Resource Consolidation

  • Manage team and vendor resources through a single interface
  • Role based resource allocation and work distribution
  • Consolidate all required documentation via Digital Vault


  • Reduce time spent on phone calls
  • Track communication effectiveness with vendors
  • Measure, Plan and Improve (MPI) collaboration metrics

Augmented Analytics

  • Analyze and focus on strategic issues
  • Improve work accountability and ownership
  • Measure ROI and TCO effectively

Advanced Reporting

  • Reports on vendor performance and adherence to SLA’s
  • Vehicle Placement Metrics Reports (VPM)
  • Predictive and Comparison Reports with real time data feeds

Vehicle Tracking

  • Track Vehicles real time with GPS integration
  • GPS Based Tracking and Android Based Tracking
  • Integration with third party GPS vendors

Integration with Market Place

  • Access to vendors on market place
  • Solve your vehicle availability issues with Market Place
  • Compare and assess business performance landing via Market Place integration