Cargofl - SIOT

Connected Trucks

  • Trucks equipped with multiple sensors
  • Sensors pumping data real time to data lakes
  • Predictive Maintenance for Trucks

Single Integrated Dashboard

  • Single dashboard with all analytics embedded
  • Vehicle and related Driver metrics
  • Drill down from dashboard to modules for details

Configurable Analytics

  • Pick & Chose metrics to be captured
  • Real time metrics generation
  • Real time metrics assessment for accurate predictions

Driver Engagement & Retention

  • Improved driver engagement via driver related metrics
  • Driver level metrics for performance pre-assessments and alerts
  • Overall improved driver loyalty and retention

Improved Supply Chain Visibility

  • Better visibility into where the truck is and where it should be at a point in time
  • Period alerts on issues captured by sensors
  • App based configurable notifications based on sensor alerts
improved-supply-chain visibility

Machine Learning on Data Lakes

  • Growing data lakes or dumps from multiple sensors
  • Predictive & Augmented Analytics on Data lakes
  • Value based on consolidated data pool across multiple users
machine-learning-on-data -lakes