Is Dispatch Automation Software the need of the hour for robust Supply Chain Management?


In a cutthroat competing business world, dispatch management software is the key weapon every business should possess in their arsenal. This software helps businesses get an edge over others by helping them utilize their assets and resources optimally and by enhancing their efficiency.

Why do you need dispatch management software?

Businesses across the world are constantly trying to optimize their supply chains for significant cost savings and productivity. Here are few major problems these businesses face

1) Analysing demand and supply fluctuation in real-time - A major problem every business faces is forecasting demand. If demand exceeds supply this can result in a shortage of products resulting in a bad customer experience. If supply exceeds demand, price falls. Hence the need to predict the demand is very crucial and important in organising supply chain.

2) Measure transporter performance - Business is all about finding the most suitable option that provides optimal solutions. In logistics, an ideal performance of transporters can help businesses save time and cost. Choosing the right transporter is a daunting task, most small businesses opt for the most cost- effective ones and these businesses use the same metric to measure their performance which can be harmful in the long run. A major problem lies in the complexity of collecting all the transportation data and comparing key performance indicator to measure the performance of transporters

3) Dealing with immense paperwork - Over the last decade or so, the logistics industry has always been centred around paperwork. Transporters have to deal with a bunch of LRs for each delivery, this delays the information transfer. Any emergency need of information from managing staff, the transport driver has to undergo a hectic process of going through multiple papers any wrong information transfer can lead to canceling or misplacing the delivery and budgetary issue


4) Tracking shipment - With increased competition in the logistics industry, the demand for fast and steady delivery is on the rise. During delivery last-minute route changes, vehicle breakdown, canceled delivery etc. can lead to unexpected delay but knowing vehicle status during such situations can help in making quick decisions and saving cost. The main objective of logistics is to provide a better experience through on-time delivery, nothing is more disappointing than to wait for one more extra day after waiting for the expected delivery time. In today's world tracking shipment vehicles is a need not a luxury anymore but a necessity

Due to such problems, the need for cloud-based logistics digitization and automation software for businesses is at an all- time high. The solutions these software provides ease up the whole process of logistics helping business to cut down cost significantly, reducing wastage of time and resources and boosting productivity

Advantages of using dispatch management software

Dispatch Management & Analytics software has multiple important features, one of the major features is having a unified interface consisting of all the key variables required in making quick decisions and carrying the whole delivery process smoothly. This feature saves the hassle of going through multiple files, sheets, and tabs for entering and retrieving data in regards to the orders thus increasing the efficiency. These software's are highly customisable and grouping delivery-related variable columns together can speed up the order managing process by multiple folds. It also helps in measuring transporter's performance which is done by rating all transporters by their performance on variables like loading, unloading, resting time, missed deliveries. Tracking delivery vehicles is important for getting insights which inturn can be used in making faster and on time delivery by route optimisation.

The digitization of paper such as invoices, documents, and receipts which conventionally takes most of the time and space can be done within seconds in dispatch automation software. The digitization of receipts such as lorry receipts and POD’s takes up the load off from the trucker so they can focus on delivering, this directly helps in boosting transport performance apart from this uploading scanned copies of receipts from trucker leads to faster information transfer as it will be available in real-time for access with just one click on the web as well as mobile. Digitizing invoices eliminates paperwork and onboarding vendors and transporters to submit bills online, makes bill processing easier. Businesses need to invest in logistic automation software to excel, the advantages of using these software outweighs the cost in the long run.

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